Program description

CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer is a free application for viewing simulations of fire evolution carried out using the Fire Dynamics Simulator developed by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA).

Necessary data in the BIM model

CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer allows users to directly access the BIM projects they have access to in the platform. If the selected project contains data from the FDS analysis motor, this data will be interpreted for viewing purposes.

In order to calculate a FDS model and share the results through the platform, the Open BIM application for dynamic fire simulation, CYPEFIRE FDS, can be used.

Program results

If CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer is connected to an Open BIM model containing data from a dynamic fire simulation carried out by a program using the computational fluid dynamics standard (such as CYPEFIRE FDS), CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer can display:

  • Dynamic fire simulation with Smokeview (SMV)
    CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer allows the Smokeview tool, developed by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA), to be opened for viewing the data of the dynamic fire simulation. In addition to the generated smoke and fire, Smokeview can also display the evolution of the magnitudes defined in the slices, the state of the devices (sprinklers, sensors, nozzles, etc.), particles, etc. Therefore, this tool allows users to quickly judge the building’s performance or its smoke evacuation and temperature control systems.

  • Graphs (CSV)
    During the simulation, the FDS analysis engine writes several files in CSV format containing values, obtained based on time, of parameters such as heat emission or device and control status. The graphs that are generated with this information can be viewed in CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer.