CYPELEC Switchboard


“CYPELEC Switchboard” has been created for designing envelopes in electrical installations (cabinets, panels, switchboards, etc.). 

To begin working with “CYPELEC SWITCHBOARD”, users must be connected to a previously created BIM model. The program imports building geometry from the BIM model if it is present.

Additionally, if programs such as CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC NF and CYPELEC REBT have included IFC files of the single-line diagram of the installation in the BIM model, “CYPELEC SWITCHBOARD” will import the panels and subpanels of the installation, together with their switchgear (including any defined busbars and bridge lines). If, in addition, the installation envelopes have been placed in the indicated CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms y CYPELEC Distribution programs, their position will also be imported. In this case, the designer simply has to define the box or cabinet containing the switchgear for each enclosure and position the switchgear, previously calculated by CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC NF or CYPELEC REBT, inside it.

The position of the envelopes imported from CYPELEC programs is represented in the 3D view by a generic three-dimensional element. When users define the real dimensions of the envelopes in CYPELEC SWITCHBOARD, they will not coincide with the generic element. The two elements are displayed in a 3D view and can be activated or deactivated separately. In CYPELEC SWITCHBOARD, the position of envelopes that have been imported from a BIM model can also be modified.

The Open BIM connection from “CYPELEC SWITCHBOARD” with CYPELEC software allows designers to significantly speed up the design process of distribution panels.

“CYPELEC SWITCHBOARD” also allows the envelopes to be designed from scratch. Meaning there is no need for the building’s geometric information or the switchgear information that has been calculated in CYPELEC programs to appear in the BIM model.

User license

In order to work with “CYPELEC Switchboard”, users must have the “Design of distribution panels” module.