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StruBIM Analysis

StruBIM Analysis

StruBIM Analysis is a tool destined to generate, edit and analyse an analytical model that has been developed based on a structural model.

The analysis of the building demands is carried out by a spatial 3D analysis using stiffness matrices.

This tool is integrated in CYPE’s Open BIM workflow.

StruBIM Analysis can be downloaded from the platform.

Structural model

The structural model can be imported using an IFC format file that has been generated using CYPE’s IFC Builder or other BIM modelling programs, or an XML format file.

Analytical model

The analytical model is generated based on the structural model that has been imported. The structure is discretized into bar and node-type elements, and finite element (FEM) shells. Users can adjust the model by defining or editing:

  • Loadcases
  • Load values defined on the elements
  • Wind loads that are generated automatically in accordance with the ASCE 7-10 code
  • Diaphragms
  • Outline conditions
  • Material properties and sections
  • Discretization size of the shells

Analysis engines

StruBIM Analysis allows users to choose between the CYPE Frontal Solver and OpenSees™ analysis engines. This option is also possible with StruBIM Design and in StruBIM Foundations to solve local analytical models.

CYPE Frontal Solver

Analysis engine developed by CYPE


Analysis engine developed by Frank McKenna, Gregory L. Fenves and Filip C. Filippou from the University of California in Berkeley.

To use the OpenSees analysis engine in StruBIM programs, the user license must include the corresponding permit. The license to use the OpenSees analysis engine can be acquired from StruBIM Analysis, StruBIM Design or StruBIM Foundations, which are downloaded from the platform.


From the analysis results, users can consult:

  • Displacements and reactions
  • Displacement and force graphs
  • Displacement and force contour maps

The analytical model and its results are exported to StruBIM Design.

StruBIM program versions

StruBIM Analysis is a free program. There is also a free program version of StruBIM Design and StruBIM Foundations (StruBIM Free) and two paid versions: StruBIM Pro and StruBIM Expert.

The features of each version can be consulted on the Features of StruBIM program versions webage.