StruBIM Foundations


StruBIM Foundations is a program for generating, designing, checking and editing foundations from a structural model and an analysed analytical model.

This program is integrated into CYPE’s Open BIM workflow.

StruBIM Foundations is available for download from the platform.

Structural model

The structural model required by StruBIM Foundations consists of the superstructure supports and can be imported via an IFC format file, generated from CYPE IFC Builder or other BIM modelling software, or via an XML format file. The supports can also be entered into the program.

Analytical models

StruBIM Foundations can design and check the foundations of the superstructure supports provided by the structural model using:

  • The forces in the base of columns and walls of the structure that can be entered in the program itself, or imported from StruBIM Analysis or an XML file containing the required information.

  • The resulting forces in the foundation elements to be designed that are obtained in the local analytical models generated in the program itself.

Local analytical model

Local analytical models for each foundation level are generated in StruBIM Foundations. When edited, StruBIM Foundations accesses a window that presents the same graphical environment as StruBIM Analysis, where elements, geometry, loads etc. can be modified.

Analysis engines

In order to solve the local analytical models, StruBIM Design allows users to choose between the CYPE Frontal Solver OpenSees™ analysis engines. This is also available in StruBIM Analysis (for solving the global analytical model) as well as StruBIM Foundations (for solving local analytical models).

CYPE Frontal Solver

Analysis engine developed by CYPE


An analysis engine developed by Frank McKenna, Gregory L. Fenves and Filip C. Filippou at the University of California, Berkeley.

To use the 'OpenSees Analysis Engine' in StruBIM software, the user license must include the required permission. The 'OpenSees Analysis Engine' license can be purchased from the StruBIM Analysis, StruBIM Design or StruBIM Foundations programs, which can be downloaded from the platform.

Foundation elements

StruBIM Foundations carries out the design and verification of:

  • Pad footings
  • Pile caps
  • Raft foundations
  • Piled raft foundations
  • Beams (for connecting foundation elements)

The design and checking of these structural elements is carried out in accordance with ACI 318-14, ACI 318-11 and ACI 318-08.


The results of the design may be set out in drawing plans. These drawings may consist of the plan view of the foundation and descriptive tables of the footings, pile caps and piles used.


StruBIM Analysis is free to use. StruBIM Design and StruBIM Foundations have a free to use version (StruBIM Free) and two paid versions: StruBIM Pro and StruBIM Expert.

The features of each version can be found on the Features of StruBIM versions webpage.