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Using CYPE software via

Using CYPE software via

Many CYPE programs are connected to the platform and allow files based on open standards to be shared.

In order to work on, users can register on the platform free of charge and create a profile. Together with the installation and running of each program connected to the platform, users will install and run Sync, which is in charge of keeping the files of the projects developed collaboratively in up to date.

Creating a new project in

There are two ways to create a project in from the platform itself or via the programs. The advantage of creating projects directly on the platform is the option of inviting collaborators.

Creating a new project from the platform

To create a new project via the platform, access from the browser and log in. In the navigation menu, select "Projects". Then click on "Create new project", in the top right-hand corner, and enter the data for the new project in the pop-up window. The blue icons provided to the right of some of the sections provide useful information on the different options for any questions that may arise.

In this window, all fields marked with an asterisk must be completed. Here we configure the visibility of our project for other platform users and define who can apply to collaborate in the project to complete each discipline. In addition, we can classify the projects into three types.

The new project will be available both from the platform and from all the programs in the Open BIM workflow with which it is synchronised.

Creating a new project from a program

The other alternative for starting a project in is creating it from any program that is connected to the Open BIM workflow proposed by the platform.

To do this, run the program and check that you have logged into on the right-hand side of the start screen, and that Sync is running in the Windows taskbar. Once this has been checked, a new job can be created. We select the directory to save it and assign a name to the file.

Next, the "Import of BIM models" window appears, from which we can link the file we have just created to an existing project or, as in this case, link it directly to a new one with the "Create new project" option.

In the "New project" window, we enter the project data. This is similar to the window mentioned above, and also includes the project type, visibility options and management of collaboration requests, as well as the name and description of the project. Once we have accepted, a project is automatically created in, along with a new empty file in the program.

Inviting collaborators to a project

To invite a BIMserver.centre user to collaborate in our project we have to access the "Work team" tab. In this tab, we click on the "Invite a user" button. We can search by "Name", by "Suggested" users or by "Activity". In the search bar, we type in the name of the user we wish to invite. If desired, we can also add a message to the request. Finally, we confirm with the "Send invitation" button.

The list of project members can be consulted from the "Work team" tab, where it is also possible to manage the participation requests received.

When another user sends us an invitation to their project there are several ways to accept it. The first one is to simply click on the "Accept invitation" button in the email that we will have received. The second option is to accept it from the "Shared projects" section of, where we will see the project with a "Pending" label, waiting to be accepted. The third option is to click on the pop-up notification, which will take us directly to the view of the project where we can confirm the invitation.

Sharing a result with other collaborators in

Once we have developed the first version of our project, we can share it in with the other collaborators so that they can develop the remaining disciplines in the project. It is as simple as clicking on the "Share" button available in all programs in the top right-hand corner.