Update history​

CYPELEC Switchboard

Improvements in the connection to BIMserver.center

Version 2024.b includes the following improvements and corrections to the connection of applications to the BIMserver.center platform:

  • After sharing a contribution, there is a delay before it becomes available in the BIMserver.center project. This could result in another application not having immediate access, even if the export was made from the same computer. Now applications can read contributions from the "File directory stored in local cache" before they are accessible in BIMserver.center.

  • It is now possible to export a contribution without an internet connection. When this occurs, a confirmation dialogue box will appear to inform users that if the contribution is exported, it cannot be shared in the BIMserver.center project. The contribution can be read in another application as long as it is on the same computer and linked to the same project. However, for the contribution to be available on the platform, users will need to "Share" it again with an internet connection.

  • The uploading process has been improved to allow larger files to be included.

  • An error that did not allow users to connect to the platform when the "AppData" system folder was not accessible has been fixed.

  • An error that showed the user as logged in when the session had already expired has been fixed.

  • The warning messages displayed when there is a problem in the communication with BIMserver.center have been improved.

  • Now, when creating a new project, the same default fields are used as in the BIMserver.center website.

Links to the BIMserver.center platform

From the BIMserver.center project information window (displayed by clicking on the project name shown in the project information bar - upper right part of the application window) you can access the project page of the BIMserver.center platform via a link that has been inserted in the text indicating the project name.

Likewise, from the information window about the project contributions ("Contributions" option in the project information window), users can access the page of each contribution in the BIMserver.center platform. These links are inserted in the texts indicating the name of each contribution.

Notifications on the project status

The status information bar of the BIMserver.center project is located at the top right of the window of the programs included in the Open BIM workflow. This bar has been available in the applications since version 2022.e and shows a warning icon when there is a problem with the connection to the project, as well as other things. Now, in version 2024.b, users can obtain more information about the warning by hovering the mouse cursor over the icon.

Creating BIMserver.center Corporate projects

As of version 2024.b, users can create projects associated with a "BIMserver.center Corporate" account from all CYPE applications included in the Open BIM workflow. To do this, the "Owner" field has been added to the window for creating a new project. This is a drop-down menu that includes, as one of the available options, the logged-in BIMserver.center user name along with the "BIMserver.center Corporate" accounts to which it has access. When selecting the user name as the owner, the project will be associated with this personal account, as was the case in previous versions. On the other hand, if a BIMserver.center Corporate account is selected, the project will be associated with that account.

Clear cache

The "Clear cache" button has been added to the CYPE applications included in the Open BIM workflow in the "Configuration" dialogue box that opens with the following sequence of commands: Select any of the options in the "BIMserver.center" tool group > "Configuration" option in the dialogue box that appears. When clicking on "Clear cache", the following options are displayed:

  • Projects
    Deletes projects, contributions and documents downloaded from the platform that are in the "File directory stored in local cache".

  • Sessions
    Deletes the data of any active sessions. This action will require applications to be re-authorised to access BIMserver.center.

  • Log files
    Deletes transaction logging from applications with BIMserver.center.

Long access paths

In previous versions, file paths used by applications were limited to a maximum length of 256 characters. This restriction is not specific to CYPE tools but is set by default in the Windows file system. As of version 2024.b, CYPE applications can bypass the restriction and allow the use of an extended path length for a maximum total path length of 10,000 characters. This eliminates the problems caused by the default limit and allows users to work with long access paths.

This improvement is particularly useful when working on projects with a complex directory structure or with long file names. By allowing longer paths, CYPE applications offer greater flexibility in file organisation.

CYPELEC Switchboard (new program)

CYPELEC Switchboard has been created to design the enclosures that are present in electrical installations (cabinets, panels, switchboards...).

In previous versions, CYPELEC REBT (Spain) and CYPELEC NF (France) contained tools to design these enclosures in the “Cuadros” and “Tableaux” tabs, respectively. As of the 2019.a version, these tabs have been eliminated from the aforementioned programs and have been implemented in “CYPELEC Switchboard”.

In comparison to the “Cuadros” and “Tableaux” tabs of the previous CYPELEC REBT and CYPELEC NF versions, CYPELEC Switchboard has the advantage of being integrated in the Open BIM workflow and the possibility to be used by users from other countries, since the program can be installed in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese, and has an Open BIM connection with CYPELEC Core as well as with CYPELEC REBT and CYPELEC NF.

To begin working with CYPELEC Switchboard, users must be connected to a previously created BIM model. The program imports the geometry of the building from the BIM model, if it exists in the model, and that has been generated and included in the model by CAD/BIM programs such as IFC Builder, Allplan, Archicad or Revit using IFC files.

Additionally, if programs such as CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC NF and CYPELEC REBT have included IFC files of the single-line diagram of the installation in the BIM model, CYPELEC Switchboard will import the panels and subpanels of the installation, together with their switchgear (including any busbars and bridge lines that have been defined). If, additionally, in the indicated CYPELC programs, the enclosures of the installation have been placed in the "Floor plans" tab, their position will also be imported. In this case, the designer must only define the box or cabinet that will contain the switchgear of each enclosure and position the switchgear, which has already been calculated by CYPELEC Core, CYPELEC NF or CYPELEC REBT, inside it.

The position of the envelopes that is imported from CYPELEC programs is represented in the 3D view by a generic three-dimensional element. When users define the real dimensions of the envelopes in CYPELEC, they will not coincide with the generic element. The two elements that are displayed in the 3D view and can be activated or deactivated from the view separately. In CYPELEC Switchboard, the position of the envelopes that have been imported from the BIM model can also be modified.

The Open BIM connection of "CYPELEC Switchboard" with CYPELEC programs allows the project designer to greatly speed up the design process of the electrical panels. Nonetheless, CYPELEC Switchboard allows users to design the envelopes from scratch. That is, there is no need for the geometric information of the building or the information of the switchgear that has been calculated in CYPELEC programs, to exist in the BIM model.

The operation of "CYPELEC Switchboard" is the same as that of the "Cuadros" tab of CYPELEC REBT and "Tableaux" of CYPELEC NF.

CYPELEC Switchboard can be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform.

To be able to work with “CYPELEC Switchboard”, users must have the corresponding license permit, which is the same as that required in previous versions to access the “Design of electrical panels” module of CYPELEC REBT and CYPELEC NF.

More information on this new CYPE Open BIM program will be available shortly.