Update history​

Open BIM Construction Systems

User’s manual

Version 2022.g of Open BIM Construction Systems includes the user's manual for the program. It can be accessed from these new features, from the "Help" menu of the program itself and from the "Learning resources" section of the application’s website. The link to the application's website can also be found on the program's product profile on the BIMserver.center platform.

The manual is or will soon be available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • English (coming soon)
  • French (coming soon)
  • Portuguese (coming soon)

Example job update

The "Intro Open BIM (EN)" example job has been updated.

New construction systems. Stairs, ramps and curtain walls

The following types of construction systems have been added to the application:

Building envelope

  • Curtain walls
  • External stairs
  • External ramps

Partitioning system

  • Internal stairs
  • Internal ramps

The description and construction features of these systems are included in the documents generated for the descriptive report and construction report.

Reading the typologies of the architectural model's elements

As of version 2022.c, Open BIM Construction Systems automatically generates construction systems based on the typologies defined in the architectural model of the linked BIMserver.center project. These systems are created with the reference of the architectural type and are included in the corresponding section of the building envelope or partitioning system.

As well as generating construction systems, they are assigned to the elements of the architectural model based on their typology reference. If there are differences between the construction systems and the architectural typologies, users can always modify their assignment in Open BIM Construction Systems.

Clip volume

As of version 2022.b, applications with 3D drawing surroundings allow a viewing volume to be defined from the geometric envelope of the scene content. The arrows allow the viewing volume to be adjusted by moving their faces and the arches allow the viewing volume to be adjusted by means of 6 clips planes.

Importing construction systems by Grupo Valero

In the previous version (2021.f), the Open BIM Construction Systems and CYPETHERM LOADS programs included the option of importing insulation from the manufacturer Grupo Valero to act as layers of the construction systems defined in these programs.

Now, in version 2022.a of the same programs, complete construction systems offered by the manufacturer Grupo Valero can be imported, including the products in their insulation catalogue. These systems can be imported using the icon displaying the Grupo Valero logo in the Open BIM Construction Systems and CYPETHERM LOADS applications. Depending on the type of construction system to be defined, the corresponding group of products is shown: external walls, roofs, slabs between floors or floors in contact with the ground.

The components that appear in Grupo Valero’s construction solutions catalogue have been divided according to the climate zone where the project is located. Consequently, users must indicate this information before choosing the most appropriate solution. The selection panel shows the layers of the materials of which it is composed and their total thickness along with the system reference in order to facilitate this choice.

It is important to note that if the construction systems are defined in Open BIM Construction Systems, it will not be necessary to reassign them in the thermal study applications as the information is transmitted via the Open BIM workflow.

Although Grupo Valero icons can be found in all the languages in which the aforementioned applications are installed, the manufacturer’s construction systems shown correspond to the products supplied by Grupo Valero in Spain.

General improvements

Version 2021.g of CYPE’s programs is a closing version of the 2021 version.

As well as the new features and improvements expressly indicated in each version of CYPE software, process optimisation involving internal updates for all our programs is normally included. In each revision, all programs are systematically checked and changes are made to improve their performance, therefore, we recommend that our users (in this case those of v.2021) always update their version to the latest one, regardless of the country for which they are using CYPE software or the language in which it is installed.

New fields for defining windows and skylights

Three new fields have been added to the definition panel for window and skylight systems:

  • Glazing
  • Fittings
  • Accessories

If a reference for any of these parameters is indicated, it shall be shown in the construction report’s justification documents for the building envelope and partitioning system.

Invert introduction direction

Se ha añadido el campo "Sentido" en el panel de asignación de soluciones constructivas a los componentes del modelo BIM arquitectónico. De esta manera, ahora es posible invertir el sentido de introducción de las capas de materiales en sistemas no simétricos.

Importing insulation products by Grupo Valero

From version 2021.f, it is now possible to import insulation from the manufacturer Grupo Valero to be used as layers of a construction system. In the layer definition panel, the Grupo Valero icon now appears on the right-hand side of the window. By clicking it, users can access the manufacturer's database for an updated list of their available insulation products. Users can browse the products in order to select the appropriate one and, by accepting the panel, its properties will be imported into Open BIM Construction Systems.

When the construction system’s definition and assignment are exported to the BIMserver.centre platform project, the thermal and acoustic analysis tools will be able to read all the technical characteristics for the insulation. This will ensure the consistency of the data at all stages throughout the project.

The import of Grupo Valero's construction systems is also included, from this version onwards, in the CYPETHERM LOADS program.

Although the Grupo Valero icon on the layer definition panel is displayed in every language that the application is installed in, the manufacturer's insulations shown are for the Grupo Valero products supplied in Spain

New example job

The example job "Intro Open BIM (EN)" has been added with the project’s constructive systems defined in English.

Assigning construction systems by type

From version 2021.f onwards, the "Assign" option in the "Edit" group of the application’s toolbar will allow constructive systems to be associated to elements in the architectural BIM model according to their typology. When this option is used, the system will be assigned to all components sharing the same reference type.