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Open BIM Construction Systems

Construction systems pending assignment

As of version 2021.f, Open BIM Construction Systems displays a warning when constructive systems have been defined in the project but have not been assigned to elements in the architectural BIM model. Unassigned systems will appear in the documentation generated by the application; however, they will not be read in thermal and acoustic simulation programs.

"Edit" and "Delete" options for construction systems

It is now possible to use the "Edit" and "Delete" options available in the "Edit" group of the Open BIM Construction Systems toolbar for the construction systems assigned to architectural BIM model components located in the work area. The "Edit" button can be used to change the assignment of the construction system to a model element. Alternatively, the "Delete" button can be used to remove the assignment of a construction system to one or more of the model’s elements.

Total thickness of the construction system

As of version 2021.f, Open BIM Construction Systems displays a total thickness analysis of the constructive systems made with several materials. The total thickness is obtained from the sum of each individual layer's thickness. This way, we can easily check whether the construction system's thickness corresponds with the thickness assigned to the element in the architectural BIM model.

Optional density value in construction system layers

As of version 2021.f, entering the density value of a construction system layer is optional. If this value is not entered, it cannot be read in thermal and acoustic analysis applications.

3D file size reduction

The exporting of construction systems' 3D models in glTF format has been optimised for Open BIM program viewers, for the BIMserver.center platform viewer, and for BIMserver.center mobile applications. This has led to an improvement in viewer performance, as well as in uploading and downloading files to the BIMserver.center platform.

Modifications in the descriptive report

The justification documents for the descriptive report of the project’s building envelope and partitioning system has been modified. Now, the construction system references do not appear in the index. This decision is due to the fact that the "description" field of the system definition panel is usually left blank, and the text used as a "reference" is sufficient for the descriptive report. This resulted in a list with an index that was equivalent to the content.

Export the definition of the construction solutions for thermal and sound analysis applications

As of the 2021.b version, Open BIM Construction Systems exports the definition of the construction solutions, together with their link to the elements of the architectural BIM model, to the BIMserver.center project. This information can be interpreted by the different specialist BIM tools aimed at the thermal and acoustic analysis of the building.

In the event that there is an association of construction solutions in the BIM project, which has been carried out using Open BIM Construction Systems, it will be used for the library of thermal or acoustic simulation programs instead of the types defined in the physical or analytical model. It should be noted that the layers that make up the system and their physical properties will be read, but they will not be modified when the BIM project is updated. This way, user changes are maintained within the specialist application, as well as the types that may be stored in ".bibgen" files.

Below are the current applications that are capable of reading and incorporating the construction systems of Open BIM Construction Systems in their design model:

  • Thermal simulation
    • CYPETHERM RT2012
    • CYPETHERM RTExistant
  • Acoustic simulation

New material catalogues for layers

The 2021.a version has an increased number of catalogues of the materials that are available to complete the information regarding the layers that make up construction solutions.

3D workspace user guide

Some CYPE OPEN BIM programs have a 3D workspace to enter the elements of the installation. This 3D interface is currently available in the following applications:

  • Open BIM Analytical Model
  • Open BIM Construction Systems
  • Open BIM Model Checker
  • Open BIM Vertical Connections
  • Open BIM Lightning
  • CYPEHVAC Ductwork
  • Open BIM RenoZEB - Focchi Facades
  • Open BIM UNEX
  • CYPELEC PV Systems

A user guide for the tools of this 3D workspace is published with the 2020.f version.

Download it here: 3D workspace. 3D workspace tools user guide.

Open BIM Construction Systems (new program)

"Open BIM Construction Systems" is a tool to define the technical features of the construction systems that make up the envelope and internal partitioning of buildings.

The program allows users to indicate the description of the construction systems, define their layers and their relationship with the elements of the architectural model of the linked BIM project.

"Open BIM Construction Systems" displays warnings of any possible incongruities that may exist, such as any differences between the value of the total thickness of the construction system and that of the architectural element to which it is associated.

The program generates the description and construction reports of the envelope and partitioning systems and exports them to the BIM model of the project, so they can be interpreted by other programs, such as the "Open BIM Memorias CTE" application.

The program also generates the 3D information of the defined construction systems so they can be viewed on the web viewer of the BIMserver.center platform and on the other Open BIM applications that are connected to the BIM project.

More information on Open BIM Construction Systems.