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In order to make work easier, the elements of the imported structure are organised by means of a chapter tree located on the left-hand side. These elements are distributed according to their type (columns, beams, foundations, etc.) and the level at which they are located.

Each selected element will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen. One side shows the 3D view of the reinforcement (lower part) and the other side shows the list of the groups of bars. Therefore, each reinforcement is made up of one or several groups of bars. A group of bars is a set of equal bars (same diameter, shape and dimensions).

The reinforcement details can be generated automatically during the import, set by the user or defined manually from scratch.

The main tools for defining the general data, the project data and the tools for editing and checking the details are located at the top of the work environment.

StruBIM Rebar workspace
Summary of reinforcement by diameter