Associated programs:

Creating and editing groups

The set of tools in the "Groups" section allows the grouping of both fixed and movable architectural elements.

Changes made to any group will also have an impact on groups of the same type, which makes it easier to model the building and make subsequent corrections.

Groups are particularly useful in buildings with repetitive elements, such as apartments or office buildings.

To create a group, the "New group" button must be selected, which will result in the appearance of a tab where a reference must be assigned to the group. Next, users select the elements of the group and right-click to confirm the selection of the elements of the group.

Several functions are available for modifying existing groups. A new group can be created from an existing group, elements can be added to previously created groups, and elements can be unlinked from a group.

Furthermore, in the "Edit groups" section, there are a number of specific tools aimed at group management, including the following: "Explode group", "Edit group", "Delete group", "Move group", "Rotate group" and "Copy group".


In the "Element group table" option, a dynamic table is generated with the first column showing the complete list of the groups that have been created.

When selecting a specific group, the second column shows the copies linked to that group.

The third column shows the elements included in each of the examples.