Arguments for using pirated software

The main argument put forward by users of any type of software for using pirated programs is essentially their cost, which is much lower than what it would cost to acquire it legally. Other reasons mentioned are learning how to use it without having to buy it, and knowing beforehand whether the program will meet the user's expectations before making a legal purchase.

Disadvantages of using pirated software

Lack of technical support

Leaving aside the moral considerations about using pirated software which each individual will have to assess to a greater or lesser extent there are also some objective disadvantages. “Pirate" users do not have access to personalised support from an expert who can help them learn how to use the program and solve any problems that may arise.

The performance of technical software increases significantly with technical support such as the one CYPE provides free of charge to its legal users. Therefore, evaluating whether or not one of our programs satisfies the needs you wish to cover with a pirated version without considering this support factor may lead to an inaccurate decision.

Reliability of pirated software

Individuals who manage to unprotect a program in order to hack it (crackers) must break or modify the program's code so that during its operation, the security measures that prevent non-legal users from accessing it are either overlooked or bypassed. This unprotection is achieved by offering an executable file called a "crack".

There are no guarantees that pirated software will work properly. Modifying the code may cause bugs in the program and, in this case, any work that has been carried out will be irretrievably lost. However, it could be worse: when the code is altered, checking processes may be removed which would lead to incorrect results that could go unnoticed by the professional using the cracked copy.

Possible malware infection

Distributing software cracks may also be aimed at spreading malware. Thus, installing cracked software may lead to computer infection by viruses that damage all the information contained therein.

Solutions offered by CYPE

Free complete version (Evaluation version)

CYPE has an Evaluation version that allows all CYPE software to be used freely for 10 not necessarily consecutive days, during which all software options can be evaluated.

Special free or reduced-price versions

CYPE produces free versions for students and limited versions of many of its programs at very affordable prices, reducing the economic cost for those who wish to purchase our software.

Free technical support

To make their work easier, professional license users from any country can contact the CYPE Technical Support Departments by telephone, fax or e-mail.

Non-professional license users (Student Versions, Campus Version and Temporary License) can submit their enquiries by e-mail: cype@cype.com.

Significant discounts when purchasing additional licenses

Purchasing more than one legal license for the same program is a considerable expense. For this reason, CYPE offers licensees reductions of up to 50% (depending on the scale of discounts) in any subsequent licenses they may acquire.