Maintenance agreements

Much more than an update

What are CYPE Maintenance agreements?

CYPE Maintenance agreements are not just updates or maintenance contracts, they are much more. They are an exclusive service for your license that includes all the following advantages:


An update for all CYPE programs contained in the license covered by the contract from the previous version to the new version. (For updates from several versions older than the previous version, a variable payment will be applied according to the difference in versions and the programs included in said license).

New modules

An upgrade of all CYPE programs included in the license from the version prior to the new version. (For upgrades from several versions before the previous version, a variable payment will be applied according to the difference in versions and the programs included in said license).

50% discount

50% discount on the price list when purchasing other programs or modules not included in your license.

Exclusive offers and discounts

Priority technical support

Educational seminars



Renewing your maintenance agreement now has even more advantages

*The cancellation of a maintenance agreement for a license, either voluntarily or due to non-payment, will result in the loss of the accumulated vouchers corresponding to that license and the cancellation of the active licenses derived from the vouchers.

Nº of vouchers
New contract
Consecutive renewals
1st Renewal
2nd Renewal (+ 1)
3rd Renewal (+ 1)
10th Renewal (maximum accumulated)
Subsequent renewals

Convenient additional licenses for you and your team for one-off projects

The vouchers for each license or network license with a maintenance agreement can be redeemed during the annual renewal period, at certain times when you need to collaborate on a project, or hand over the license to your team or to an external collaborator.

How frequent are the Maintenance agreements?

The contract is annual and is automatically renewed unless otherwise stated in writing 30 days before the end of the contract.

How much do Maintenance agreements cost?

595,00 € + VAT
595,00 € + VAT
208,00 € + VAT
*Taxes not included. Rate revision January 2024, valid until 31 December 2024.

The first payment is annual and is made when registering the agreement or agreements. Further agreements can be purchased prior to agreement renewal. The cost of renewal (one year after the first agreement has been signed) can be paid either annually, half-yearly or quarterly depending on the number of agreements purchased up to that point and the method of payment. Instalment payments include interest.

The Agreement for Structures or MEP can be purchased independently, regardless of the programs included in your license. A 50% discount will be applied to modules or programs not included in the purchased group.

The Agreement for Management cannot be purchased independently if your license contains Structures or MEP programs.

What will I receive when I sign up for the Maintenance agreement and then later on?

When the agreement is signed, if the license does not have the current version, the update and passwords will be provided for the updated license. The passwords are only required for the first time. When continuing with the agreement, they do not need to be entered again.

If the security device you possess is a "virtual electronic key" (electronic license), you will not be sent passwords, as they are not required for this type of security device.

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