In this section, you will find a series of interviews with professionals from different disciplines that work in activities or projects related to architecture, engineering and construction.

CYPE would like to thank all the interviewees who have selflessly shared their knowledge and time. They have talked to us about R&D projects, technological advances applied to construction, specialised training and a range of current issues.

José Vicente Rajadell

José Vicente Rajadell

Industrial engineer and structural analyst

"Knowledge has already reached a point where professionals cannot know everything: they need to be specialised"

16 December 2022

Carlos Fernández

Technical Director at CYPE Ingenieros, S.A.

"Digitalisation is transforming the construction sector in search of greater productivity and competitiveness"

19 May 2022

Ramón Álvarez

Manager of Melo y Álvarez Ingeniería SAS. Structural engineer responsible for the Amura tower project

"I cannot imagine a 200-metre-high structural design with no software: it's just not possible"

1 August 2021

María Corcoba Martínez

Technician at TVITEC

"Open BIM TVITEC is a program developed by CYPE for the BIM modelling of high-performance architectural glass solutions using TVITEC System Glass"

1 February 2021

Benjamín González

Director of Corporate Development at CYPE

“Open BIM COVID-19 offers safety by being able to generate a report in advance in very little time with the most appropriate protection measures for each architectural space”

25 May 2020

Éric du Passage

Director of Digital Services at Saint-Gobain Distribution Bâtiment France

"With CYPE, POINT.P regional technology centres are improving productivity and quality in creating structures' bills of quantities"

16 March 2020
entrevista Pablo Gilabert arquitecto y director de innovacion de CYPE

Pablo Gilabert

Innovation Director at CYPE

“The biggest challenge the construction industry faces in the 21st century is the development of information infrastructures”

17 January 2020

Miguel Socorro

Head of BIM Integration at CYPE

“Open BIM Systems integrates manufacturers' products into BIM projects right from the design stage”

17 November 2019

Daniel Cuervo Iglesias

Managing Director at ASPRIMA

“With CYPEURBAN, local council technicians will be able to get more work done in the same amount of time during planning permission validations”

18 December 2017
entrevista Laura Tordera

Laura Tordera

Head of international R&D&I projects at Ferrovial Agromán

“Smart glasses will be the reviewers and overseers of all construction jobs”

1 December 2016
entrevista Jose Antonio Tenorio

José Antonio Tenorio

Head of the quality unit at the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja. CSIC

“Creating new construction materials adapted to large-scale 3D printing is perfectly possible and achievable”

3 October 2016

Jorge Rodríguez

Head of Environmental Innovation and ICTs at VIAS

“There is no other 3D printing initiative in construction with the scope and power of the 3DCONS project”

1 February 2016