Bio-construction techniques in glamping: from emitting more than 760,000 kilos of CO₂ to absorbing carbon dioxide

27 June 2022

New BIM solution for designing steel-to-timber connections

The CYPE Connect application for modelling and analysing connections for steel structures continues to improve and will incorporate a new feature in the coming weeks, thanks to which technicians will be able to design, analyse and verify steel-to-timber connections.
4 November 2021

3 ways of modelling curtain walls in CYPE Architecture

CYPE Architecture has recently added new tools for modelling curtain walls. In this article we will describe some of them in detail.
5 August 2021

Price increases in the construction industry caused by COVID-19

According to the economic indicators studied, construction costs have increased in most countries during the first half of 2021.
22 June 2021

Four resources that can help you learn to model with CYPE Architecture

CYPE Architecture, the new architectural modeling program released by CYPE in their 2021 version, continues adding new functions with each version. To date, the program has received five updates, all of them full of new capabilities. Many interesting projects have been developed with the program, and in addition, the integrations with other applications improve day by day.
22 April 2021

CYPE Connect, the new application for analysing complex connections in steel structures using the finite element method

The software offers great bi-directional interaction both in the project phase, by taking into account the architectural and analytical models together with the stress design, and in the detailing phase, thanks to the BIM technology of
13 April 2021

CYPE has incorporated the OpenSees calculation engine into its BIM software for structure design

8 April 2021