Corporate Identity

Corporative Identity


Companies project their image, both to the outside world and to their own employees, through the way in which they communicate. Form, style, consistency and coherence in communication define a company's personality and corporate identity.

This webpage contains several resources for applying the CYPE brand correctly in all its expressions, and its aim is to serve as a tool to help all those responsible for interpreting, communicating and applying it across its different domains. 

An appropriate and consistent use of the CYPE brand will help us to achieve our aims of identifying and reinforcing it. We are all participating in this team effort so that CYPE becomes more and more widely known.

Below is the official CYPE logo in different formats and fully available for download:

Logo variations

To use the variations attached below these lines, the indications in the Style guide should be followed.


CYPE's corporate colour is Red CYPE (Pantone 1975). The colour palette is complemented by dark grey and pure white.

R: 205 G: 32 B: 44
C: 12% M: 97% Y: 84% K: 3%
Pantone 1795
R: 68 G: 68 B: 68
C: 64% M: 55% Y: 52% K: 54%
R: 255 G: 255 B: 255
C: 0% M: 0% Y: 0% K: 0%


The official CYPE font is Google Roboto. This is one of Google's most widely used fonts with the largest number of characters. Consequently, adopting it as an official font facilitates CYPE's global expansion as it is available for a wide variety of alphabets.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. 1234567890

Style Guide

Available downloads


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