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Project levels

The "Levels" tool allows BIM levels to be created. Levels are particularly important when modelling building elements as, by default, each level must be associated with a dimension. When a level is created, the program also allows an associated view to be created.

When entering building elements and spaces, an association will automatically be established with the corresponding level that has been entered. Besides this, users can always manually associate a level when entering these elements.

  • Level management: This tool allows users to view the existing levels in the project and to add or delete any levels.
  • Create a level at the elevation of a point: With this feature, users can create a new level at a specific height in the model by selecting it directly from a perspective, elevation or section view.
  • Assign level: Allows building elements and spaces to be assigned a different level from the current one.
  • Copy from another level: This tool allows users to copy elements from one reference level to another. Once the objects belonging to a given category have been copied, the new elements created will be assigned to the target level and will have adopted a new individual reference, while retaining the common characteristics.