Associated programs:

3D view of the BIM model

In the "3D View", which is present in both the "Quantities of the BIM model" and "Bill of quantities" tabs, the interaction with the model and the selection of the components to be measured takes place.

The use of a mouse with three buttons and a central wheel eliminates the need for specific tools; turning the wheel lets users zoom in on the model, pressing the central button and moving the mouse allows them to frame the scene, and carrying out the previous action while simultaneously pressing the SHIFT key allows them to orbit the scene. Left-clicking allows users to select objects, which will be immediately highlighted in the "Component tree" ( if they are in the "Quantities of the BIM model" tab) or in the "Bill of quantities" tab (if there is a quantity associated with the selected components).

The graphic window includes a toolbar at the top that is common to almost all the tools in the ecosystem.