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Add work sections

To add work sections, go to "Add work section" in the cost database being edited and enter a code and a summary. Key terms can also be entered, which can be detected by the "Search" tool.

Clicking on "Accept" will create the work section and display it in the centre of the window.

When selecting the work section created, all the data associated with it will appear in the lower part of the window. From here, the previously entered work section data can be modified.

By selecting the "Specifications" tab, users can add information about the specifications and even attach RTF or HTML files.

To add new work sections, users must go back to the "Items" root concept and repeat the above process.

However, to create sub work sections, users must click on one of the created work sections, and so on.

Right-clicking on any concept in the tree opens a context menu that allows the main functions to be carried out, including the creation of work sections.