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3D Scenes: Entering BIM model views

Once the sheet has been created, the next step is to enter the model to start the elaboration of the plan views.

To do this, the 3D scene library will be used, which makes it easy to create scenes that will be incorporated into the sheets.

Each scene can contain several views, and each of the elements shown in each view can be selected via the "Outline" section.

To enter a scene in the sheet, select the "Insert" button under "3D Scene" and click on the box where the new scene is to be inserted.

Once the box has been inserted, the scene and the desired view can be selected, and the scale can be adjusted. Also, several options can be chosen, such as drawing the scene in monochrome, normal, hybrid or vector image. The display quality on the screen and the print quality can also be adjusted.

This panel can be used to select another point of view and to perform rotations, among other options.