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Substitute texts

To add variable texts, users must access the "Substitute texts" icon. This option allows keywords to be substituted by specific project data. There are two types of text substitution variables: user variables and predefined variables.

User variables

User variables allow custom variables to be created that can be reused in other sheets or projects. These variables can include the following: the name of the project, the address, the responsible architect and engineer, etc.

User variables can be saved locally to be loaded into other projects later via the "Import" button.

Predefined variables

Predefined variables are able to read data from the program to be entered as text within the sheets. These variables can include the following: the sheet reference, the sheet number, the scale factor, etc.

Predefined variables can also use information associated with tags, dimensions, scenes and views.

More information:
For more information on the use of text substitution variables, please see the following FAQ link.