Associated programs:

Workflows supported by the program

As an Open BIM tool connected to the platform, Open BIM Layout offers different workflow options.

  • Importing models developed in CYPE Architecture.
  • Importing models developed in IFC Builder.
  • Importing projects developed in Autodesk Revit with the Open BIM - Revit Plugin.
  • Importing other models developed in IFC with IFC Uploader.
  • Importing models developed with different CYPE structural modelling tools. This includes CYPECAD, CYPE 3D, CYPE Connect, StruBIM Steel, StruBIM Box Culverts, StruBIM Cantilever Walls, StruBIM Embedded Wall, StruBIM Shear Walls and StruBIM Rebar, among others.
  • Importing models developed with different CYPE facility system modelling tools. This list includes CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems, CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems, CYPELEC Electrical Mechanisms, CYPELEC Distribution, CYPEGAS, CYPEHVAC, CYPEHVAC Radiant Floor, CYPEHVAC Ductwork, CYPELUX, CYPEFIRE and CYPETEL Wireless, among others.

Open BIM Layout is a transversal tool that can be used by different professionals as a complementary tool to the software they normally use. Thanks to its ability to import IFC models, which can even come from programs developed by other software companies, Open BIM Layout is a tool for consolidating and managing project plans.