Import and checking of the specifications from the CYPELEC Distribution program

Should the BIM project contain electrical distribution information provided by the CYPELEC Distribution program, this information will be processed by CYPELEC CORE so that this program shows the electrical project specifications to be met in the left-hand margin of the work area.

Compliance with these project requirements is based on the verification of the following points:

  • The connection hierarchy of the wiring diagram must be followed so that all lines and circuits are defined and connected according to the imported diagram.

  • The requirements must be met for each of the lines and circuits. As a result, there are three possible scenarios:
    • The measuring length must be met for lines belonging to feeders and supply lines to switchboards or sub-switchboards.
    • If a circuit belongs to a switchboard and a circuit with a concentrated load is chosen, the total active power demand of the circuit and the measuring length must be met.
    • If a circuit belongs to a switchboard and a circuit with distributed load is chosen, the definition and distribution of each of the loads along the supply circuit must be met, in addition to the active power demand and measurement length, and the electrical properties of each of the loads must be met for each of them.

It is worth mentioning that in order to meet the requirement of the measurement length of a circuit, the sum of the design length plus the sum of the additional length must be equal to or greater than the required length. Both lengths are present in the edit panel of a circuit as shown in the following image.