Other improvements and corrections

Open BIM Analytical Model version 2023.b includes the following improvements and corrections of the program for certain cases:

  • Deselecting an adjacent surface
    Adjacent surfaces can now be deselected in the configuration panel of an analytical model surface adjacent to “Surface”.

  • Checking adjacent surfaces
    In previous versions, the “The adjacent surface is not defined” check was treated as an error message, it is now a warning.

  • Check for elements of the physical model
    The “No analytical surface has been defined for an element of the physical model” is now unchecked by default.

  • Opening detection
    Opening detection in the automatic analytical model generation process has been improved.

  • “External environment” type spaces
    A problem that could cause warnings on external analytical surfaces due to the “A valid volume must be defined for the space” volume check being carried out in “External environment” type spaces has been corrected.

  • Joining surfaces
    An error that could occur when using the “Join surfaces” tool with more than two surfaces of the analytical model has been corrected.

  • Generating an opening on an analytical surface
    An error that could occur when using the “Generate an opening in an analytical surface based on an opening of the physical model” tool has been fixed.