New features

2020.d Version

Published on 18 December 2019


All programs

Corrections made

The 2020.d version includes the correction of errors that have been detected. It also includes an optimization of processes that imply internal improvements to our programs.

Therefore, we recommend our users (in this case of the 2020 version) to always update their version to the latest version, regardless of the country for which they use CYPE software or the language in which the software is installed.

  • Elements from IFC files, which are represented with block mapping, and that apply a scale with respect to the reference block are imported.
  • IFC file elements that are represented with the identity “IfcIndexedPolyCurve” are imported.
  • gbXML files are read correctly in all cases.

Open BIM Model Checker

Corrections made in Open BIM Model Checker

  • The information of the elements on which the cursor is placed is shown correctly for all cases.
  • View the incident from the point at which it was defined
    The operation of the “View the incident from the point at which it was defined” tool has been modified. Now, the icon that activates it can be left pressed:
    • With the icon activated
      Users can browse through the incidents easily and the camera will reorientate itself to facilitate the inspection of the model.
    • With the icon deactivated
      Users can browse through the incidents without the camera reorienting itself.
  • Show only elements that are implicated in the collision
    In the collisions tab, if the collision is changed when the "Show only elements implicated in the collision" tool is activated, all the elements of the project, which were visible before activating this tool, are displayed again. In the previous version, even if the collision was changed, only the elements implicated in the previous collision were displayed.


Corrections made in CYPECAD

  • The results of timber columns are shown for the NBR 7190:1997 code of Brazil.
  • The results of columns that have not been designed after the analysis can be edited.
  • Columns that have been rotated and their fixed point is not the centre can be exported to IFC format.
  • The initial stressing load is shown on drawings and reports.
  • The wind loads report displays the units correctly when it is viewed from the “General data” panel.