This is how CYPE is helping employees, customers and society during the coronavirus crisis

The exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 crisis has led hundreds of companies to do their bit to stop the pandemic through initiatives aimed at their employees, customers and society in general, and CYPE is one of them. In these more than two months we have launched a series of initiatives to mitigate the effects of coronavirus and minimise its spread.

The first measure we adopted was aimed at our employees in Spain. Before the State of Alarm was declared, the company’s management made the decision to send employees home to continue working remotely. In total, more than 170 employees are working online from their homes, maintaining the same activity as before the declaration of the State of Alarm, and without having suffered a reduction in staff.

The second decision adopted by the company was aimed at its customers and consisted of providing each customer who has a physical license with the corresponding electronic license. Thanks to this measure, our customers have been able to continue working online from home, avoiding having to go to their workplaces to collect the physical copy of the license and minimising journeys which have been restricted.

As part of these initiatives aimed at our customers and regarding their needs to work remotely and online, at CYPE we have prepared and are carrying out an extensive training program that is completely free, consisting of technical seminars and conferences where we show how professionals can efficiently and effectively develop their projects remotely.

This training is global and so far over 25,000 professionals have learnt how to develop architecture, engineering and construction projects working from home, collaboratively on, sharing digital models of their work with colleagues, collaborators and clients in real time.

Furthermore, we have boosted the work already begun months ago to support the improvement of student training in the use of Open BIM technology and the programs developed by CYPE. To achieve this, we have increased the dissemination and information available about the possibility that students and teachers have to use the over one hundred CYPE applications hosted on completely free of charge. Those interested simply have to install the program and choose the “Academic License” option that appears during the activation process of the program.

Finally, and being one of the initiatives that CYPE is most proud of, during this crisis the company’s team has developed a program to design, calculate and introduce safety measures against the spread of COVID-19 in public and private spaces. With this software, which is completely free and very easy to use, we offer society in general and owners of businesses such as shops, restaurants, hotels and even public administrations a tool that allows the necessary preventive measures to be validated in advance to minimise COVID-19 infections, and therefore reducing their concerns when reopening.

The application can be used globally and is the result of our commitment to improve people’s safety and try to offer more protection in spaces, providing safety and confidence to all these who can benefit from the use of this tool: public administrations, users, business owners, customers, etc.