Safety devices or electronic keys for CYPE programs

The professional version of CYPE programs requires a safety device or electronic key which allows the user to access the acquired programs and modules. As of the 2011.a version, this safety device can be physical or virtual.

Physical electronic key

This device is sent to the client when the license is acquired. Recorded within it are the use permits of the CYPE programs and modules the client has acquired. To be able to use the programs, this license must be connected to a USB port of the computer where the programs are to be used, or to another computer within the user’s network in the case of a multiple-post license. It may be that some users have a physical electronic parallel port, which even though CYPE no longer supplies them, can still be used without any problem.

Virtual electronic key or Electronic license

In this case there is no physical device and the use permits of the programs and modules acquired by the client are recorded in a server belonging to CYPE. This device is called an Electronic license. To be able to use the programs and modules of the electronic license, the user must have a permanent broadband internet connection at the computer where the CYPE programs are going to be used.

The CYPE programs menu contains the Use Electronic License option. This option can also be activated from any CYPE program (File > Use Electronic License). When selected, the program will request the user to identify him/herself using two sets of data provided by CYPE:

  • User (email)
    The user has to introduce the email that the owner of the license had provided CYPE with. It is the same email address to which the electronic license password is sent to.
  • Password
    Here, the user must introduce the password that was sent by CYPE.

The User and Password can be modified, but only by the license administrator, who will receive the instructions on how to carry out these changes by email.

Electronic licenses are all single post licenses. If a client requires more CYPE program simultaneous work posts, several electronic licenses can be acquired, with the same applicable discount scale as for physical single post or network electronic license keys.

The electronic license allows the user to use the acquired CYPE programs at any computers that work with operating systems which are compatible with CYPE software and have a permanent broadband internet connection, without the need of having to carry a physical safety device.