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Quantities of BIM models through pre-defined rules of measurement

To take the quantities of BIM models using the rules of measurement defined above, simply follow the steps outlined in the Importing BIM models, Cost databases, Sets of measurement rules and Generating and updating the bill of quantities sections. These steps are briefly explained below.

Importing BIM models

The origin of the quantity data comes from the information contained in the IFC files of a project, the IFC format being understood as a standard for exchanging BIM models.

Open BIM Quantities is an application for obtaining bills of quantities from existing IFC models. In most cases, it is linked to a project hosted on the platform that already contains at least one model. If this is the case, the application offers users the possibility of including any of the existing models in that project, which will be viewed and measured in Open BIM Quantities.

When creating a new job and selecting an existing project in the platform from "Select project", an "Import of BIM models" contained in that project is carried out. When accessing the interface, the graphic window will display the imported models.

Cost databases

Since the program establishes a relationship between model components and quantities lines belonging to items, the cost databases that contain all the necessary information for defining bills of quantities must be managed.

The application allows users to create cost databases from scratch (work section structure, items, breakdowns, etc.), however, it is of greater interest to import databases (or individual concepts) from cost databases developed in accordance with the FIEBDC-3 standard (.bc3).

To create or import a cost database, access the "Cost databases" option in the "Project" group, in the "Quantities of the BIM model" tab.

Sets of measurement rules

A set of measurement rules is established in order to transform the data contained in the elements or the components of the model into items.

They allow, on the one hand, the filtering of elements based on their properties and, on the other hand, to indicate which of their quantities will be used in the measurement of the units to be generated. Ultimately, these rules will define which elements should be measured and how the cost estimations should be carried out.

The "Sets of measurement rules" option can be accessed from the "Project" group in the "Quantities of the BIM model" tab in the main toolbar.

Generating and updating the bill of quantities

From the "Update the quantities" option in the "Update" group of the top toolbar, which is located under the "Bill of quantities" tab, bills of quantities can be generated and updated.

After selecting the cost database, the activation of this tool automatically generates the bill of quantities based on the chosen rules of measurement.