CYPE Solutions


Design and verification of the sound insulation against airborne noise and impact noise, sound immission and reverberation level.
IFC Builder is a free CYPE application designed for the creation and maintenance of IFC building models.
Open BIM Construction Systems is a tool to define the technical features of the construction systems that make up the envelope and internal partitioning of buildings.
AcouBAT by CYPE is a tool developed by CYPE and the CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) with the aim to help users study the sound insulation and absorption of buildings. It calculates the indices that evaluate the insulation of airborne sound (indoor and outdoor), impact sound insulation and the reverberation level in indoor spaces, in accordance with the procedure contained in the EN ISO 12354:2017 code.
Open BIM Analytical Model is a tool that develops analytical models for thermal and acoustic simulations. It includes different options that allow an analytical model to be created directly from the program itself, or to be automatically generated from BIM models in IFC format.