CYPE Solutions


With the Open BIM - Revit Plugin, any Autodesk Revit user will be able to integrate their project into the platform and benefit from all the advantages it offers, such as representing BIM models in augmented reality and virtual reality, controlling updates and incident management, managing project participants and connecting with different Open BIM applications, including CYPE tools.
"KROQI 2 BIMserver" is a programme that allows the KROQI platform to communicate with, allowing their files to be exchanged. "KROQI 2 BIMserver" users can work in both repositories and take full advantage of each platform's features for the same project, guaranteeing the synchronisation of information.
IFC Uploader is a free tool with which users can add files, in IFC format, to projects on the platform. It also generates GLTF files automatically so they can be viewed, both on the platform and in the group of Open BIM workflow programs.
"StruBIM Uploader" is an application developed by CYPE, with which structural models can be incorporated into Open BIM projects that are located on the platform, and this way enabling a connection with visualisation, analysis and post-processing programs of other developers.
With “BIMEO2BIMserver”, any “BIMEO” platform user will be able to add their IFC files to the projects on their “” platform account and thus establish collaborative workflows, benefitting from the main features present in, such as BIM model representation in augmented reality and virtual reality, team management and project incident management, and the connection with more than one hundred Open BIM tools, many of which are developed by CYPE.