CYPE Solutions


CYPEPLUMBING Schematic diagrams is a free tool that automatically creates schematic diagrams of water supply installations.
Open BIM Lightning is a free application designed to carry out the 3D layout of the elements of a lightning safety installation to protect against the risks caused by lightning. The program calculates, verifies and describes the safety installation including all the elements it consists of: ESE type lightning rod (early streamer emission lightning conductor), boxes with their respective grounding connections, connections with metal elements on façades and with receiver sets (antennas), grounding conductors, etc
CYPEFIRE Pressure Systems designs differential pressure systems to retain smoke in non-airtight physical barriers, in accordance with the EN 12101-6 code.
CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems is a program created to assist the project engineer with the design and analysis of water supply installations.
CYPEPLUMBING Sanitary Systems is a program created to assist the project designer with the design and analysis of foul water and rainwater evacuation systems.
CYPEPLUMBING Solar Systems performs the design and analysis of the complete solar thermal energy contribution installation for hot water and heating, or part of it, in any type of building.
CYPELUX LEED is an application which helps users to comply with Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) requirements regarding natural light defined by the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design). More specifically, the program verifies LEED v4.0 IEQ CREDIT 8.1 using option 2 (Simulation: Illuminance analyses).
CYPELUX EN allows users to verify the lighting requirements proposed in standard EN 12464-1, depending on the type of activity, for indoor work places.
CYPELEC PV Systems is a tool to assist users in the design of grid-connected photovoltaic systems (amongst which are self-consumption installations) as well as off-grid photovoltaic installations systems.
CYPELUX is a free tool created to calculate the lighting levels of normal and emergency lighting installations.
CYPELEC Switchboard has been created to design the enclosures that are present in electrical installations (cabinets, panels, switchboards…).
Validation of basic fire safety rules. Passive protection (compartmentalization, evacuation, external propagation, …) and active protection (extinguishers, detectors, …).