CYPE Solutions


Open BIM Water Supply was created for the analysis, design, checking and automatic sizing of meshed, branched and mixed water supply networks. It can also read digital terrain models in IFC4 format.
Open BIM Sewerage was created for the analysis, design, checking and automatic sizing of branched sewerage networks with a single discharge point, the purpose of which is to evacuate water from collector wells to the discharge point. It can also read digital terrain models in IFC4 format.
CYPEFIRE Design is an application created to help the designer during the process of designing and verifying the characteristics of the building and of the fire protection installations. The workspace allows to create and quickly edit the main characteristics of a fire protection project (compartmentation of zones, limitation of external propagation, means of evacuation of occupants, protection facilities, access for firefighters, etc.).
CYPELEC Networks is a program created to analyse power systems in electrical networks and aid designers with the analysis and design of high/medium and low voltage installations. The design checks carried out by the program are based on the specifications of the NFPA 70 National Electrical Code (NEC).
CYPELEC MULTILINE is a program designed to draw, manually or automatically, the multiline diagram of an electrical installation.
CYPELEC Grounding IEEE allows users to design grounding systems in accordance with the method proposed in the IEEE 80 2000 standard “IEEE Guide for Safety in AC Substation Grounding”.
CYPELEC Grounding IEC allows users to calculate grounding resistance in electrical installations based on the IEC 60364-5-54 standard.
Architectural modelling of terminal elements of electrical and telecommunications installations (switches, sockets and audiovisual and telephony connectors).
CYPELEC Distribution is a program for 3D implantation of the distribution of circuits and loads for electrical installation projects.
CYPELEC Core is a free application for the calculation of low voltage electrical installations that incorporates the CYPELEC REBT calculation engine. CYPELEC Core allows users to draw single-line diagrams of the installation and configure the features of the composing elements.
CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems is a tool created to design hydraulic networks for fire protection using sprinklers and fire hose reels in accordance with the NFPA®13 (National Fire Protection Association) standard.
CYPEFIRE FDS Viewer is a free application for viewing simulations of fire evolution carried out using the Fire Dynamics Simulator developed by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA).