Accessories and valves

The hydraulic analysis of singular losses produced by accessories and valves has been included in CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems. This new feature includes the following program updates:

  • Accessories and valves catalogue

    Two new receivers have been added to the "General options" panel, to introduce new accessories and valves.

    A series of accessories and valves has been added by default for each design code.

    As can be seen in the image, to create a new element, from either catalogue, simply introduce a reference and the associated loss coefficient of the element, to carry out the hydraulic analysis.
  • Automatic generation of accessories

    To optimise the time required to analyse the project, the "Automatic generation of accessories" option has been introduced in the "General data" panel. Using the automatic generation, the software recognises, depending on the distribution of the network, the following nodes and applies the load loss that is selected by users.
    • 45º elbow
    • 90º elbow
    • Tee – Branch with direct flow
    • Tee – Branch with change of direction
    • Cross
  • Introduction of singular elements

    Accessories and valves can be introduced manually on the pipes of the project. As can be seen in the image, accessories are blocked for the automatic generation, when they have been introduced manually.

    "CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems" includes the load loss of the outlet pipe, i.e., for two pipes that are connected by a 90º elbow, the application will apply the loss at the outlet pipe, in the direction of the flow of the water.
  • Measurement criteria

    A tool has been included in the "General options" panel which can be used to measure all the load losses that have been introduced in the installation. For these criteria, users must define:
    • Description of the measurement
    • Material of the element
    • Load loss groups