Adjacent spaces in thermal and acoustic programs

When CYPE thermal and acoustic programs import an IFC file that does not contain information on adjacent spaces, they analyse the file and the layout of the spaces to detect what type of spaces are adjacent to them.

As of previous versions, these adjacent spaces were included automatically in the IFC files that are generated by IFC Builder (free CYPE application designed for the creation and maintenance of IFC building models), as this program generates them. Other CAD/BIM programs (such as Allplan®, Archicad®, Revit®...) do not export this information to IFC files, hence, if one of these programs was being used as the initial tool of the BIM model, the boundaries had to be defined by users in each specialised acoustic and thermal application.

With this important new feature of the 2018.j version, information on adjacent spaces is included in CYPE thermal and acoustic programs, regardless of which CAD/BIM program is used as the geometric modeller of the Open BIM project.

Below is a list displaying the thermal and acoustic programs CYPE has available that benefit from this new feature: