Update history​


Link to the project owner's public profile on BIMserver.center

Now, from the BIMserver.center project information window (displayed by clicking on the project name visible in the top right bar of the application), the owner's public profile page can be accessed on the BIMserver.center platform via the link inserted in the text representing the owner's name.

Improved options bar for entering elements in the work area

The following changes have been made to the options bar for entering elements in the work area:

  • New “Force elevation” feature
    The "2D Mode" and "3D Mode" options have been replaced by the "Force elevation" option. When the "Force dimension" option is activated, when snapping a model component, its position will be projected onto the work plane, where the new element will be inserted.
    Alternatively, when snapping a model component, the new element will be inserted at the exact position of that component, even if it is outside the working plane.

  • Viewing limits warning
    If, when entering an element in a model view, it lies beyond the visible range, a warning is now displayed in the options bar. This warning, "The point entered is beyond the limits of the view", alerts users about the position of the element beyond the visible area on the screen, allowing for a quick and accurate correction.

Quick access toolbar

As of version 2025.a, CYPE applications with a "Ribbon" have a customisable quick access toolbar (QAT), located in the top left corner of the program. This bar contains a set of commands that are separate from the active ribbon tab.

To add or remove a command from the quick access toolbar, a button has been included to access the configuration of the toolbar. Clicking it displays a window where users can add commands from the application's menus. Specific commands can be selected or all the commands found in a menu can be added using the "Assign all" button.

The list of commands added to the quick access toolbar provides options to perform the following actions:

  • Move up (move to the left) or move down (move to the right) commands in the toolbar.
  • Add a dividing line to the right of the button.
  • Remove a command or dividing line from the toolbar.

Each application can include several commands in the initial settings of the quick access toolbar and can be restored using the "Default settings" option. Furthermore, applications that are connected to the BIMserver.center platform include the "Update" and "Share" options in their default settings.

Installation in German, Romanian, Russian and Turkish

As of version 2025.a, CYPETHERM LOADS can also be installed in German, Romanian, Russian and Turkish. This application can now be installed in the following languages:

  • Catalan
  • Chinese
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Turkish

Overall technical data for "Thermal insulation" in windows and skylights

As of version 2025.a, an overall "thermal transmittance" value can now be defined for windows and skylights as an alternative to the "glazing" and "carpentry", which has been the case up to now. For this purpose, the "Thermal characterisation of the element" option has been added to the "Thermal insulation" tab of the window "Technical data" in the following construction system categories:

  • External windows
  • Interior windows
  • Exterior skylights
  • Interior skylights

Thermal simulation applications can read and incorporate these properties of the contributions from IFC Builder and CYPE Construction Systems into their design models.

Furthermore, applications with a "3D Model" tab (CYPEFIRE FDS and CYPETHERM LOADS) can obtain data directly from the construction systems defined in the geometric model.

Punctual thermal bridges and linear thermal bridges

As of version 2025.a, it is possible to enter "Punctual thermal bridges (per m²)" and "Linear thermal bridges" in the "Thermal insulation" tab of the "Technical data" window for the following categories of construction systems:

  • Façades
  • Party walls
  • Basement walls
  • Partitions
  • Roofs
  • Exterior floor slabs
  • Intermediate floor slabs
  • Screeds

Thermal simulation applications can read and incorporate the properties of contributions from IFC Builder and CYPE Construction Systems into their design models.

Furthermore, applications with a "3D Model" tab (CYPEFIRE FDS and CYPETHERM LOADS) can obtain data directly from the construction systems defined in the geometric model.

New groups and applications. Installing and uninstalling

In version 2025.a, CYPE Menu (which can now be downloaded exclusively from the BIMserver.center platform) has new program groups.

  • Architecture
  • Structures
  • MEP (Mechanical and Plumbing)
  • MEP (Electrical)
  • Energy and acoustic simulations
  • Project management
  • Project documents
  • Interoperability

Most of the CYPE applications are sorted into these groups. In previous versions, most of these applications could only be downloaded as single applications from the BIMserver.center platform.

By downloading and installing CYPE Menu, users will only have the CYPE programs menu installed, but none of the applications included in it will be downloaded or installed. Initially, each of the icons representing the CYPE Menu applications appears in a box with a grey background. When clicking on any of them for the first time (or on the button under the application's name), a contextual menu will appear allowing users to download and install the latest version of that application or an earlier version if available. Earlier versions (from 2024 onwards) will be available for those programs that include paid modules. Normally, free applications will only allow the latest version of these programs to be installed. Any installed version of any application can be uninstalled.

When an application has been installed, by clicking on the button under its name, the context menu that appears includes the "Uninstall" option.

More information on this program menu can be found in the FAQ "How to download and install programs from CYPE’s general menu".

The CYPE Menu download of versions before 2025 (with the applications included) is still available in the download area of the CYPE website.

CYPE Menu. Exclusive download from the BIMserver.center platform

As of version 2025.a, the CYPE program menu can only be downloaded from the BIMserver.center platform.

The CYPE Menu application was already available from version 2024.b on the BIMserver.center platform. Now, in version 2025.a, the advantages of CYPE Menu compared to previous versions, which were downloaded from the download area of the CYPE website, are as follows:

  • As of version 2024.b
    • Once CYPE Menu has been installed, the applications it contains will be installed from this new menu when they are opened for the first time.

  • As of version 2024.f
    • CYPE Menu allows users to manage the updates of the applications it contains.

  • As of version 2025.a
    • New program groups and many CYPE applications that could only be downloaded directly from BIMserver.center are included.
    • The version of each application to be installed can be selected (from version 2024 onwards).
    • Previously installed applications can be uninstalled.

Further information on the new features can be found in the following new features of CYPE Menu version 2025.a.

In the download area of the CYPE website, the download of the program menu for versions prior to 2025.a (in 64-bit and 32-bit) will still be available. In this download area, there is also a link to the BIMserver.center platform "Store" for downloading the 2025.a version of "CYPE Menu".

As a result of these changes, the 32-bit version of the CYPE Menu is no longer available in version 2025.a. As of 18 February 2019 (version 2019.f), the CYPE programs have been running on 64-bit systems. Since then, only the classic CYPE menu could be installed on 32-bit systems. All other applications (downloadable from the BIMserver.center platform) only worked on 64-bit systems. We believe that 32-bit programming is no longer feasible to take advantage of the superior performance of 64-bit processors and operating systems. Users who still want to use certain 32-bit CYPE programs (those available in the "CYPE Menu" prior to version 2025.a) must install a version prior to 2025.a from the download area of the CYPE website, but will not be able to upgrade their programs to later versions. Please refer to our FAQ question "Which version should I download, 64-bit or 32-bit?" for more information on the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Remodelling of tabs. Removing the "Analytical model" tab and adding the "3D model" tab

In version 2024.f, the CYPETHERM LOADS application has been remodelled. The "Analytical model" tab has been removed and the "3D model" tab has been added at the bottom left, leaving the application with the "3D model" and "Thermal loads" tabs.

This new tab, "3D Model", makes it possible to fully integrate IFC Builder into the program, allowing users to create a geometric model of the different construction elements with a simplified definition or by construction solution, as it incorporates the Open BIM Construction Systems database. Furthermore, the analytical geometric model for the "Thermal loads" tab is generated from this tab.

Models from IFC Builder and Open BIM Analytical Model can still be read.

The following improvements have been made in addition to the above:

  • Export to the BIMserver.center project
    Joint export of the "3D model" and "Thermal loads" tabs as a single contribution to the BIMserver.center project, so that the information generated by the geometric model and the results of the thermal loads will be available in the same contribution.

  • Incorporation of the "Assign type" tool in the "Thermal model" tab
    This tool allows users to assign types of an element to other elements in the model view.

  • Incorporation of two options when updating the geometric model:
    • Keep the previously defined types in the thermal model
      If this option is selected, the types of the existing building elements in the thermal model will not be updated.
    • Retain the previously defined zoning in the thermal model
      This option allows the zoning of the thermal model to be retained without losing the data and systems associated with buildings, zones or groups.

Shortcuts for all applications

CYPE apps have keyboard shortcuts common to all programs. In versions before 2024.e, each program displayed the keyboard shortcuts for each app via the "Search and activation of commands and options" in the top left-hand corner of the programs.

As of version 2024.e, the "Shortcuts for all applications" tab has been implemented in the dialogue box displayed when selecting this option and it shows all the keyboard shortcuts common to CYPE apps.

Display floor view templates in the 3D view

For 3D views defined within applications with a 3D working environment, the "Show selected templates in each floor view" option has been added. When activated, the templates visible in each of the floor views will be displayed in the 3D view in the dimension corresponding to these views.

Managing the visibility of templates in the view configuration window

As of version 2024.c, applications with a 3D working environment can manage the visibility of templates from the view configuration panel. For this purpose, the "DXF-DWG templates" tab has been added, where a list of all the templates imported into the project is displayed together with a checkbox to indicate which ones should be shown in the view.