“Aquatherm Red Pipe” pipes catalogue

The 2019.d version of CYPEFIRE Sprinklers now includes Aquatherm’s “Aquatherm Red Pipe” catalogue in its pipes library.

The catalogue that has been introduced for the design is that of Aquatherm Red Pipe fire safety pipes, which consist of polypropylene random copolymer pipes, with an intermediate fibreglass layer, with a fire reaction classification, in accordance with UNE EN 1351-1, B s1 d0, red with green strips, manufactured in accordance with UNE EN-ISO 15874, with Technical Suitability Evaluation, in accordance with the “Reglamento de Instalaciones de Protección contra Incendios” RIPCI 2017, and homologated, amongst others, by FM, Technical Suitability Documents DIT 618/15 for installation with automatic sprinklers and DIT 617/15 for fire hose reels.

The Aquatherm catalogue can be incorporated into the project by selecting the Aquatherm logo located in the top part of the “Pipes catalogue” panel, and the import is carried out in the same way as for the other catalogues. Once imported, the data cannot be edited, as is done with the generic pipes catalogues, but their properties can be seen.