Automatic sizing

The analysis and design of an automatic sprinkler system can be quite complex. All the hydraulic design requirements that must be met by the different applicable regulations make the selection of the pipes one of the most complex tasks in the design of the installation.

To facilitate this process, from the 2021.c version, "CYPEFIRE Hydraulic Systems" has the new "Automatic design" tool.

This tool can be configured by users in "General options > Design criteria". From this panel it is possible to edit the diameters to be used in the design and the maximum number of sprinklers that each diameter can supply before moving on to the next available diameter.

If users do not want to change the default data, the "design" tool will launch the diameter selection process and then the hydraulic analysis. This selection and hydraulic analysis process will end if no errors are found when the results that are obtained are compared with the requirements of the regulations. Otherwise, the process will be repeated until valid diameters are selected, to comply with the applied regulations.