Beam analysis and design

As of the 2017.j version, StruBIM Foundations analyses and designs reinforced concrete and steel beams. Beams can connect footings, pile caps, mat foundations or pile supports.

Beam introduction

The beams are introduced on the floor plan by defining their initial and final points.

Analytical model

Once the beams have been introduced on the floor plans, the program carries out the analysis using the analytical model of the foundation plan. The beams are defined by bars bearing on the elements they connect. Once the analytical model has been generated, it may be edited to define loads, conditions etc.

The forces that are calculated for loadcases or combinations can be consulted from the “Beams” menu.

Beam design

Reinforced concrete beams are designed and checked in accordance with the ACI 318-14, ACI 318-11 and ACI 318-08 standards, and steel beams with the ANSI/AISC code. The design is carried out from the beam schedule, where users can:

  • Define and edit reinforcement
  • Consult forces
  • Consult required reinforcement areas
  • Consult the checks that have been carried out.

In the “Design” dialogue (which can be accessed by selecting the Design button), users can now select to design beams, as well as still having the options that were already present to design footings, pile caps and mat foundations.

The beam reinforcement is designed in accordance with the typical concrete beam detail defined in General data. Continuous top and bottom reinforcement can be defined as well as additional reinforcement.

Interaction of beams with footings and pile caps

In previous versions of StruBIM Foundations, isolated elements (footings and pile caps) were designed and checked directly with the loads introduced on their associated support. As of the 2017.j version, users can choose between:

  • Designing them only with the loads of the supports (forces of the “Global” model).
  • Designing them with the loads of the supports and also considering the interaction with beams (forces of the “Local” model). The additional forces transmitted by the beams to the footings or pile caps can be consulted and edited from the “Additional forces” button.

In the analytical model, each footing or pile cap that is connected with beams is considered as a node with external fixity to which the beam will be connected. The loads at the supports and the additional forces transmitted by the beams will be taken into account in their design and check.