BIM model object groups

As of version 2023.c, Open BIM Quantities offers four different ways of displaying the BIM model component tree in the “Quantities of the BIM model” tab. Up until now, elements could be arranged according to the IFC entity in which they belong (IfcWall, IfcSlab, IfcSpace, etc), the spatial structure (IfcSite->IfcBuilding-> IfcBuildingStorey, etc.) or the layer in which they are located. In this update, the “Groups” button has been added to the set of “View” options in the application toolbar. By clicking on it, the tree is organised based on the groups defined in the IFC model ( via the “IfcGroup” entity). The components of a group are collected in a branch of the tree which is given the name of the group.

For viewing groups in jobs made with previous versions of Open BIM Quantities, the linked project must be updated.