Associated programs

CYPELEC Multiline (new program)

CYPELEC Multiline is a program designed to draw the multiline diagram of an electrical installation. This application is integrated in the Open BIM workflow using the IFC standard.

The program allows users to manually introduce the multiline diagram or generate it automatically using the information contained in an IFC file of the BIM model. With this second option, the single-line diagram that has been used to export the IFC must have the phase which each single-phase line is connected to.

The CYPE programs that can generate an IFC file with this information are:

CYPELEC REBT and CYPELEC NF can generate the multiline diagram of the installation themselves, however users cannot modify the diagram that is generated. With CYPE Multiline, users can obtain a proposal for a multiline diagram and edit it to carry out the modifications s/he desires.

To be able to use CYPELEC Multiline, the user license must include the “Multiline diagram” module permits.

CYPELEC Multiline is only available by downloading it from the platform.

More information on CYPELEC Multiline will be available shortly.