Error checks in the extraction of Revit quantities

To help users minimise errors in the extraction of quantities from the BIM elements of a Revit model, a series of basic checks related to the combination of Revit parameters that are used in the extraction have been implemented. When an error is detected, both the item and the linked Revit entity are marked with the Marca de error en combinación utilizada de la vinculación partida-tipo symbol.

The warnings that can appear with the checks that are carried out are:

  • "The assigned combination was not correct because it was already defined for another quantities unit. A different one has been assigned automatically. Please check it"
    This situation is usually due to users having modified the quantities unit of the item in Arquimedes after its quantities have been extracted from Revit. In this case, Arquimedes assigns another parameter combination automatically, which users can check and approve using the button Botón verificar combinación de utilización para la extracción de mediciones (Verify use combination for the extraction of the quantities).
  • "This combination contains an incorrect expression. Please check it"
    This occurs when an expression or formula of the combination that is used to extract the quantities is incorrect. The user formula must be checked and corrected.

    Most of the time, the error that has been entered in the formula is because of a missing column. In the case that is shown in the image, the error is due to column A having been entered in the expression or formula A*B*C.
  • "The calculation formula must include all the columns that have been defined or remain empty"
    This can appear when the calculation formula is defined for the user combination in the quantities extraction. If the formula is incorrect, when the "Accept" button is pressed in the "Parameter selection to obtain quantities" dialogue box, the program indicates it and does not allow for the user combination to be created until it is corrected.
  • "The quantity extraction cannot be carried out due to an incorrect combination or one that has yet to be verified"
    When the "Quantity extraction" button is pressed, the program checks whether there are any incorrect combinations or any which have yet to be verified, and does not allow for the quantities to be extracted until all the incorrect combinations have been checked. These combinations are marked in work sections with the Marca en capítulo de error de combinación utilizada de la vinculación partida-tipo symbol and in items with Marca de error en combinación utilizada de la vinculación partida-tipo so they can easily be found.