Update history​


Updating the CYPE Menu applications

As of version 2024.f, the CYPE Menu tool (available on the BIMserver.centre platform Store) allows users to manage the updates of the applications it includes.

When accessing the CYPE Menu, the program checks whether there is a newer version of the installed applications and, if so, the "Update" option appears next to them.

The update process will download the application and, once completed, will start the installation.

Shortcuts for all applications

CYPE apps have keyboard shortcuts common to all programs. In versions before 2024.e, each program displayed the keyboard shortcuts for each app via the "Search and activation of commands and options" in the top left-hand corner of the programs.

As of version 2024.e, the "Shortcuts for all applications" tab has been implemented in the dialogue box displayed when selecting this option and it shows all the keyboard shortcuts common to CYPE apps.

Coping and pasting quantity tables with a reference

In certain processes where a quantities table with an item reference was copied and pasted into other items, which also had a reference and one after the other, an error occurred which has been fixed in version 2024.c.

Quantity extraction

Next to the "Quantity extraction" option, a drop-down menu has been implemented in Arquimedes version 2024.c that allows users to select the type of quantities table to be used for extracting quantities.

If the quantities are to be extracted for a certificate table, it should be noted that quantity extractions are not cumulative, but partial (the contents of the quantities in the "Assign items and quantity extraction" window are always transferred to the quantity tables). Therefore, this table provides a partial quantity in progress and not at source. This means that the certificate has not been closed. The same applies if the quantity is extracted for the completed job table.

Comments composition for quantities tables

In Arquimedes version 2024.c, the "Link" option has been added to the "Comments composition for the quantities table" dialogue box. This dialogue box is opened by clicking on the edit button with the same name: "Comments composition for the quantities table", which is located next to the combination used for the extracted quantities.

The "Link" option refers to the Entity-Item linkage (assignment between the Revit entity and the Arquimedes item). This linkage has a combination for extracting quantity lines and, among other things, two comment compositions (one for each comment column, "Comment" and "Comment2"). Using the "Link" option, each of these comment compositions can now be customised for the link so that it does not affect any other links.

Entity-Item links are unique. Therefore, if the comments for the link are customised and the "Link" option is activated, this change only affects that link or Entity-Item assignment.

Installation modes (professional, campus, evaluation, temporary license)

All CYPE programs can be installed in their different versions (Professional Version, Evaluation Version, Campus Version, Temporary License). In previous versions, users could only choose the type of version to be installed from the classic CYPE menu.

As of version 2024.a, the selection of version types has been implemented in all CYPE programs on the BIMserver.center platform.

As of version 2024.d, this selection can be made during the installation of all CYPE programs, regardless of where they are downloaded.

Quantities of UPN steel sections

When a quantities sub-table of the type "Weight of UPN type steel section" is added, the program will ask for the value of the edge (E), particularly when entering the values of its formula.

In Arquimedes version 2024.b the UPN section table has been extended with six new values for edges:

  • 50 mm
  • 65 mm
  • 320 mm
  • 350 mm
  • 380 mm
  • 400 mm

Improvements in the export to FIEBDC-3

The export to FIEBDC-3 format has been improved. Now, when exporting to this format, users must select the export type:

  • Standard BC3 format
    This option must be selected if the BC3 file is to be imported from any application that supports the FIEBDC-3 standard.

  • Arquimedes format
    This option can be selected if the BC3 file is to be imported by Arquimedes. With this option, information from CYPE's construction cost database "Generador de precios" is included in the generated BC3 file. The information from the "Generador de precios" is included in the "Technical information" section of the FIEBDC-3 standard. This section allows the standard FIEBDC-3 format to be extended and, in this case, with the additional information relating to the construction cost database used that other applications cannot interpret.

Arquimedes may import the BC3 file generated by both types of export, but if importing the BC3 file generated with the "Arquimedes format" option, it will import the information from the "Generador de precios" if the job with which the export is generated has used this cost database.

Improvements in the connection to BIMserver.center

Version 2024.b includes the following improvements and corrections to the connection of applications to the BIMserver.center platform:

  • After sharing a contribution, there is a delay before it becomes available in the BIMserver.center project. This could result in another application not having immediate access, even if the export was made from the same computer. Now applications can read contributions from the "File directory stored in local cache" before they are accessible in BIMserver.center.

  • It is now possible to export a contribution without an internet connection. When this occurs, a confirmation dialogue box will appear to inform users that if the contribution is exported, it cannot be shared in the BIMserver.center project. The contribution can be read in another application as long as it is on the same computer and linked to the same project. However, for the contribution to be available on the platform, users will need to "Share" it again with an internet connection.

  • The uploading process has been improved to allow larger files to be included.

  • An error that did not allow users to connect to the platform when the "AppData" system folder was not accessible has been fixed.

  • An error that showed the user as logged in when the session had already expired has been fixed.

  • The warning messages displayed when there is a problem in the communication with BIMserver.center have been improved.

  • Now, when creating a new project, the same default fields are used as in the BIMserver.center website.

Links to the BIMserver.center platform

From the BIMserver.center project information window (displayed by clicking on the project name shown in the project information bar - upper right part of the application window) you can access the project page of the BIMserver.center platform via a link that has been inserted in the text indicating the project name.

Likewise, from the information window about the project contributions ("Contributions" option in the project information window), users can access the page of each contribution in the BIMserver.center platform. These links are inserted in the texts indicating the name of each contribution.

Notifications on the project status

The status information bar of the BIMserver.center project is located at the top right of the window of the programs included in the Open BIM workflow. This bar has been available in the applications since version 2022.e and shows a warning icon when there is a problem with the connection to the project, as well as other things. Now, in version 2024.b, users can obtain more information about the warning by hovering the mouse cursor over the icon.

Creating BIMserver.center Corporate projects

As of version 2024.b, users can create projects associated with a "BIMserver.center Corporate" account from all CYPE applications included in the Open BIM workflow. To do this, the "Owner" field has been added to the window for creating a new project. This is a drop-down menu that includes, as one of the available options, the logged-in BIMserver.center user name along with the "BIMserver.center Corporate" accounts to which it has access. When selecting the user name as the owner, the project will be associated with this personal account, as was the case in previous versions. On the other hand, if a BIMserver.center Corporate account is selected, the project will be associated with that account.