Export information to the BIM model

As of the 2019.b version, “Arquimedes” and “Arquimedes and job control” can be connected to a BIM model that is located on the platform to export the following project information, if it is included in the program:

  • Quality control program
  • Construction and demolition waste analysis
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Project specifications
  • Quantities
  • Bill of quantities

This information can be imported by the CYPE Memorias CTE program, which will use it to complete the corresponding section of the project documentation.

To do so, a new option has been included in "Arquimedes", and "Arquimedes and Job control": "Export documents to" (File > Export), which opens a panel with the same name. In this panel, the user can choose the BIM project to which the information is to be exported (from amongst the projects in which the user participates) or to create a new BIM project.

In the start screen of Arquimedes (implemented in version 2019.a), there is also a new section that allows users to connect or disconnect from the platform or access it using the Web browser used by users.