Exporting only visible elements to the BIM model

A new feature has been implemented to export only visible elements to the linked BIM project in the platform.

This feature only exports the elements that are visible in the program when the export is carried out. Any elements that are hidden using any of the modes available in CYPE Architecture will not be exported to the BIM project, providing greater flexibility when sharing models.

This export (only visible elements) allows users to draw more than one model on the same job and export what is required to the BIM project without the need to delete anything, thus transforming the CYPE Architecture interface into a workspace for design.

For example, in a refurbishment project, the same CYPE Architecture job could include a model of the building that represents its state before the refurbishment and another model that represents its state once it has been refurbished. With the feature for exporting only visible elements, both models could be shared separately on the platform. Even if some of the models or some of the elements of a model have not been drawn in their position in CYPE Architecture, they can be exported to the platform in the desired position if the geolocation is modified locally when exporting them.