Floating tools

In the toolbar of some CYPE programs (e.g. in CYPETHERM HVAC and StruBIM Foundations), tools containing several options now display them in floating menus which can be placed anywhere on the screen.

These floating menus can be pinned to the screen by selecting the  icon located to the right of their heading ( Pinned,  not pinned), so that they do not disappear when another tool group is activated or when users access the program again.

Furthermore, the floating menus can have three different tool views which alternate upon pressing the  icon located to the left of their heading:

  • Horizontal with large icons
  • Vertical with large icons
  • Vertical with small icons and descriptive texts of the tools.

The floating menus can be adhered to the sides of the work area to look like toolbars.

All these possibilities allow users to personalise the distribution of the tools to quickly access those which are used more often.