Generating certificates

In version 2023.b, job certificates were included in the “Bill of quantities” tab of the applications. However, the only way to produce a certificate was to indicate a value for the quantity executed in each detail line. This could be a problem when a certificate for an item or a complete work section was required.

To improve this aspect, in version 2023.c a “Certify” button has been added to the “Certificates” section of each concept (the root of the bill of quantities, work section, item and detail line). When clicking on it, a panel with the following options is displayed:

  • Certify by percentage of partial measurement
  • Certify by quantity of partial measurement
  • Certify by partial amount
  • Certify by percentage of measurement at origin
  • Certify by quantity of measurement at origin
  • Certify by amount at origin

Once the panel has been accepted, the result of the concept is then passed through to the certified quantity value associated with the detail lines.