Improved intersection solutions

New tools and improvements have been included for intersection solutions:

  • Solve automatically
    This tool is equivalent to the “Intersection solution” tool from previous versions, but it has been improved by including new options for automatically solving intersections. It now allows greater control over the elements involved in the solutions. Users can choose whether to solve intersections between walls, between walls and floor slabs or on sloped roofs.

  • Solve manually
    A floating menu containing the tools for manually solving intersections (Delete, Regenerate, Cut by plane, Slice with surface, Subtract and Extend face) is opened. In previous versions, these were located directly within the “Intersection solution” group of tools.

  • Solution of selected elements
    A new tool that allows users to solve intersections between walls, and between walls and floor slabs by previously selecting the elements for which the intersection is to be solved. This tool is of great use when a specific intersection has to be solved.