Minor improvements and corrections

Version 2022.d includes the following improvements and corrections of program errors that may occur in rare situations:

  • Dedicated outdoor air system
    An installation with a dedicated outdoor air system is allowed in such a way that 100% of the adequately treated outside air is introduced into the assigned spaces.
  • Improvement when detecting air terminals in spaces
    When some spaces were located inside other spaces, those containing air terminals were not detected correctly. As of version 2022.d, these spaces are now correctly detected.
  • Incomplete installation design
    In some cases, the installation design was incomplete. Previously, the "Design" button had to be double-clicked to finish designing the system. Now it is fully designed from the very beginning.
  • Improvement in the "Copy" tool
    As of version 2022.d, when elements selected with the "Copy" tool are placed in another part of the installation, the program checks whether there is an intersection with other ducts, in which case the ducts are cut automatically.