Modelling and analysis of connections using the CYPE Connect Steel program integrated in StruBIM Steel

Version 2021.f implements a new tool for modelling and analysing connections, CYPE Connect Steel.

CYPE Connect Steel also operates as an independent program. More information on CYPE Connect Steel.

CYPE Connect Steel, as an integrated tool in StruBIM Steel, allows users to freely define connections between sections. From a range of sections, users establish the layout of the different elements that make up the connection (plates, welds, bolts, anchors, additional sections). Additionally, this tool also carries out an analysis of the connection using the finite element method. It offers the option of obtaining both the structure detailing as well as the justification of the regulatory compliance of the adopted connections.

To add a new joint, users must select the "New" option in the "Joints" menu. Next, they must select the sections used for the joints, and click on the right mouse button.

These joints may be edited using the "Edit" option in the "Joints" menu, by selecting the desired connection.