OpenSees analysis engine

As of the 2018.a version, OpenSees is incorporated as the new analysis engine for StruBIM programs: StruBIM Analysis, StruBIM Design and StruBIM Foundations. StruBIM programs are installed in English and Spanish.

OpenSees is a system of recognized prestige for the linear and non-linear analysis of structures, developed by Frank McKenna, Gregory L. Fenves and Filip C. Filippou at the University of California at Berkeley. Its use is widespread worldwide to simulate the seismic behavior of structures.

Currently, CYPE is including, in all its disciplines, highly reliable analysis engines, which are consolidated in the scientific-technical world, such as OpenSees.

To use the "OpenSees analysis engine" in StruBIM programs, the user license must include the corresponding permit that will be shortly be able to be acquired at the web platform.

Download StruBIM from the web platform
In previous versions, StruBIM programs (StruBIM Analysis, StruBIM Design and StruBIM Foundations) were included in the general menu of CYPE programs. As of the 2018.a version, StruBIM programs can be downloaded from the web platform. This download option will shortly be available. Meanwhile, the programs can be installed individually when the complete version of CYPE programs is downloaded.