New 3D work environment

CYPEPLUMBING Water Systems is shifting from a 2D environment to a new 3D work environment, achieving greater capacity in the modelling of pipes and elements in water supply systems.

The new 3D work environment provides:

  • A visualisation of the "3D Views" with symbology and representation of the 3D elements, along with the possibility to control their opacity level.
  • The chance to enter all elements and pipes in 3D view or by floor. Vertical pipes in particular are now easier to generate.

Generation in 3D view

Generation by floors

Generation being edited or analysed

  • Greater geometric precision when placing pipes and elements in the system. Users can define several levels of displacement in the system.
  • The possibility to work on the table containing all the elements and pipes generated in the system.
  • The possibility to work by viewing areas of the system.
  • The extraction of 3D View planes containing information.